The Beyond Earth Orbital Launch System is a mobile satellite launcher, sent to your desired launch site in a standard shipping container. Your satellite is launched on a dedicated mission, on your schedule to suit your project needs.


The Orbital Launch Vehicle is 11.5 m. (38’) in length, with a main airframe diameter of .6 m. (24”). At a launch weight of 3840 kgs. (8467 lbs.) this allows you to send your 30 kg. (66 lb.) payload to a 400 km. (248.4 mile) sun-synchronous orbit.


Stage One uses our proprietary solid rocket motor to provide powerful thrust in the initial phase of the flight. Guidance is provided by systems embedded in the patent-pending Fin Module. Stage One engages the balance of the Orbital Launch System through our patent-pending Interstage system. Both the Fin Module and Interstage system are slightly larger in diameter than the main airframe, and provide mounting for the transport and launch rail guides.


Stage Two uses a second unit of our solid rocket motor to propel the Orbital Launch System in the second phase of the flight. The top portion of the Interstage system remains on the second stage, while Stage Three is attached internally. Both of the solid rocket motors are ultra-low mass fraction, tailored for efficient production and reliable performance.


Stage Three propulsion is provided by our unique NO2/Alcohol engine, with fully gimbaled control providing precise guidance in the orbital insertion phase of the flight. In addition to our onboard RCS segment, this allows your satellite to be delivered to exactly the orbit that you desire. The payload bay supports are configured for open integration, whether you use an existing payload deployer module (two 12U CubeSat deployers are shown) or units of your own design.


The Orbital Launch System is delivered to you in a standard shipping container, packaged with our proprietary launcher and mission control that is assembled at your launch site. There are no cryogenic fuels to work with: all fuels and propellants are safe, environmentally friendly, and storable. Your satellite can be pre-integrated into the Beyond Earth payload bay, and combined with the Stage Three propulsion before being attached to the rest of the vehicle in sync with your project schedule. This is the salient difference our system represents: With Beyond Earth, YOU have the flight controls.